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Gifted Referral Process
Students can be referred by school professionals, parents, in some cases self-referral, and by other individuals familiar with their advanced characteristics. The procedure for referral begins with contact being made with the appropriate Gifted coordinator. An official Referral form must be submitted. Preliminary evidence is then collected and may be followed by a standardized abilities test, if certain indicators are present. The body of evidence is then brought to the established identification team where an identification decision is made. Potential candidates may be re-evaluated at a later date if they do not meet the criteria during the initial screening. These students are usually put in the “Talent Pool” and receive programming very similar to officially Gifted students while under observation for more evidence.

Please see the Gifted Handbook for more detailed information about talent areas, identification, and programming.

Elementary School Gifted Coordinator
Alison deKay

Middle School Gifted Coordinator
Anil Chopra

High School Gifted Coordinator
Lynelle Stricherz

District Gifted Coordinator
Dr. Kathy Pokorney