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Welcome to the Multi Cultural Committee Webpage
The Multi-Cultural Committee meets every month on the third Monday at noon in the Administration Building. The Multi-Cultural Committee works to build a partnership between the diverse entities of the Ignacio Community through mutual participation, understanding and appreciation.

The goals of the committee this year are:

Supervise and Encourage Character Counts This will include clear and consistent communication between the Town of Ignacio and the School District with a focal point of a community wide calendar.

Planning and Supporting Cultural Activities The committee creates opportunities for parents and community members to participate in activities/classes and share knowledge by having guest presentations in classrooms and assemblies from individuals and organizations within the community. They support the implementation of activities both inside and outside of school time and contribute to and distribute a community wide calendar that recognizes Character Counts and community events.

Fundraising as a Group The committee supervises and encourages implementation of Character Counts by all community entities by holding monthly review of Character Counts activities and events by all entities involved in the committee. The committee collaborates and plans community wide events and encourages community wide participation. They fund-raise to reward both students and adults for modeling pillars and participating in Character Counts events and projects throughout the community.

The committee works to get community representation so that many voices are heard at the Multi-Cultural Committee. Members include students, staff, administration, community members, businessmen and women and parents. It is a diverse cultural representation involving local government, service organizations and business representatives.

For more information, or to become a member of the committee, contact Mr. Chris deKay at 970--563-0600.